• BS Tileasy-F is an easy to use, quick working, inorganic materials based, cementitious polymer modified tile fixing mortar. It has the bond strength configured as per tropical weather conditions.
  • BS Tileasy-F provides very good adhesion of Tiles or Stones cladding to plastered surface, precast wall, AAC Blocks and brickwork upto a height of 3 meters.
  • BS Tileasy-F should be used for fixing Ceramic Tiles, Glazed tiles, Semi-Vitrified tiles, Terrazzo & Mosaics.
  • It meets IS 15477:2019 – Type 1T Adhesive standards.

Recommended Uses

  • Thin set or Thick-bed Application: Mortar Bedding can be from 5mm onwards to 8mm
  • High Grade bonding: It is suggested for Indoors tiles up to 2ft by 2ft
  • Waterproof Quality: Suitable for Showers and Kitchen areas.
  • Anti-Slip Performance: Designed for vertical tile fixing application on walls or covered facade.