BS Blue Top (20 Kg)


BS BluTop is a new generation finishing aid cum Partial PreDensifier system developed to solve concrete flooring finishing issues. BS BluTop reduces evaporation of water by more than 15% thus it preserves concrete from various moisture inconsistency defects like plastic shrinkage, map-cracking and delamination.

It works on green concrete in combination with dryshake floor hardener, as a final finishing aid for the concrete flooring along with improved bonding effect on the green concrete with dryshake toppings.

BS BluTop is based on anionic / nonionic emulsifier systems along with nano crystallized water chemistry that optimises formation of ettringite in the cement composite matrix.  This leads to an accelerating strength gain and partial densifying effect in final finishing stages of concrete.

BS BluTop formulation is configured to work with all dryshake brands and works in sync with various dryshake topping formulations.

Recommended Uses

  • Use the product as per the requirement of the site use.
  • Do not add water, product is ready to use
  • Only to be used for Green Concrete Finishing
  • BS BluTop is not a densifier, regular silicate/nano silica based densifier should be used later as required for densification and polish on cured concrete according to specifications. We recommended using the BS FloorDense system after 21 days for concrete polishing operations.
  • Does not affect performance of secondary treatments like Epoxy / PU floorings.