• BS TopHard is a premixed, pigmented, non-metallic, ready to use matrix in powder with quartz, designed for application as a dry shake or as a wet on wet application over freshly floated concrete screed to get a monolithic coloured flooring with increased abrasion resistance.
  • The product is manufactured using hardwearing natural aggregates with chemistry to allow higher dosages per sqm to achieve shade evenness.
  • The results show that BS TopHard considerably reduces the depth of wear when suitably applied as per recommendations.
  • It can be polished to a high gloss finish using suitable densification, grinding and polishing systems by any compatible systems.

Recommended Uses

BS TopHard-CH is recommended for treating floor areas, requiring aesthetic appeal along with superior abrasion resistance but not exposed to serious chemical attack. Application areas include

  • Parking Areas
  • Malls and Commercial Establishments
  • Corridors and Halls
  • Showrooms, Hotels and Residential Projects
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Basements and cellars
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Garage for light vehicles