• BS Tileasy 400 Comes as Grey/White adhesive and is a High Performance, Polymer Modified Cementitious White Coloured Tile Adhesive with Extended Open Time & Reduced Slip.
  • It has the bond strength and high inbuilt flexibility required for tropical weather conditions affecting movement in structures.
  • BS Tileasy 400 provides high duty adhesion specially for cladding use on plastered surface, precast wall, ply-board, AAC Blocks, terrazzo surface, concrete, cement blocks.

Recommended Uses

  • Suitable for Ceramic tiles, Semi Vitrified tiles, Vitrified tiles, stones conforming to IS13712 (2006) type Ia, Ib, IIa ,IIb tiles
  • Wet areas including kitchen, bathrooms & Showers in domestic, institutional, commercial and industrial spaces
  • Tile on tile application
  • For external or internal applications
  • For Floors, Walls, Podium decks, roofs including large format tiles and stones
  • For laying non-moisture sensitive natural stone
  • For Laying Ceramic, Porcelain Mosaic, Fully vitrified tiles and brick tiles.
  • For Swimming pools, pool surrounds, wet rooms and cold storage depots
  • For substrates such as cement screeds, precast concrete elements, aerated concrete, heated screeds, plaster and existing floors and walls
  • For fixing tiles on liquid waterproofing membranes such as BS MoistureZero series and such waterproofing coatings