BS SmartPrime WB EPH (1 Kg)


  • BS SMARTPRIME EP is a two-component waterborne priming & sealing system based on hybrid epoxy polyamides technology for application of Acrylic, Epoxies & Polyurethane final top coats and screeds.
  • It is applicable for floor toppings even in case of ceramic tile substrates. BS SMARTPRIME EP creates a harmonious anchoring and compatibility between various top coats and the substrates for a long lasting performance.

Recommended Uses

BS SMARTPRIME EP has following advantages

  • Excellent adhesion to various substrates such as concrete, stone, wood, brick, tiles and metal surfaces.
  • Low exothermic & long pot life
  • Easy penetration in substrate due to low viscosity
  • Capability to cure in moist condition
  • Low VOC and comfortable to work for long hours
  • Quick drying