BS Rainpel (500 gms)


  • BS Rainpel Sealer is a 100% transparent, pore penetrating sealing system that creates an invisible hydrophobic layer.
  • It may be used on all kinds of masonry surfaces such as clay brick, cement blocks, marble, granite, limestone, sandstone including wooden surface and on joints in tiling installations.
  • BS Rainpel renders the surface resistant to water ingress and creates Lotus leaf or beading effect to let water float on the surface instead of getting absorbed in the surface.

Recommended Uses

  • Forms invisible hydrophobic layer
  • Non membrane forming
  • Preserves Natural look of the surface
  • Prevents growth of fungus & stains on the substrate
  • Increases life of stone / façade by reducing the weathering effects due to moisture absorption
  • New generation product can also be applied on exterior wooden elements to preserve their raw natural look.
  • No Smell & Non Flammable with Low VOC.
  • Performs well for exterior use.
  • May be used as grout release on vitrified / ceramic tiles before application of grout Instructions for using BS Rainpel