BS Bondsmart


BS BondSmart block adhesive is smart innovation as a premixed dry mortar using high quality materials, including cement aggregates and proprietary additives.

It replaces the conventional method and material of jointing mortar which requires a 12-18 mm thickness with a revolutionary 2-3 mm joint thickness. 

This technical mortar is suggested to be used after adding water to make a high  thixotropic mortar paste, to be used for bonding blocks such as AAC Blocks or aerated light weight concrete blocks, fly ash blocks, concrete hollow blocks, cellular light weight concrete blocks, earthen bricks or levelling out the brick work surface with paste thickness upto 12mm. It meets requirements as per IS 2250 (1981): Code of Practice for Preparation and Use of Masonry Mortars or ASTM C1660-09.

Recommended Uses

BS BondSmart is the proper adhesive for fixing Blocks on even less-porous substrates such as cement door frames. Typical application substrates are

  • AAC or Aerated Light weight blocks
  • Concrete / Cement Mortar Blocks/Bricks
  • Hollow Concrete blocks
  • Light Weight Cellular concrete blocks
  • Fly Ash Blocks
  • Earthen Bricks
  • Clay Bricks
  • Plaster for Flat Level Bock Walls
  • Smoothing over of masonry surfaces