• BS Tileasy is an easy to use, quick working, inorganic materials based, cementitious polymer modified tilefixing mortar.
  •  It has the bond strength and inbuilt flexibility configured as per tropical weather conditions affecting movement in structures.
  • BS Tileasy provides very good adhesion of Tiles or Stones cladding to plastered surface, precast wall, ply-board, AAC Blocks and brickwork.
  • BS Tileasy should be used for fixing Ceramic Tiles, Glazed tiles, Semi-Vitrified tiles, Terrazzo & Mosaics. It is also suitable for Tile on Tile application on substrates
    like Terrazzo, Vitrified Tiles, Marble or Glazed Tiles.

Recommended Uses

BS Tileasy is the proper adhesive for fixing small to large tiles even on difficult substrates and less-porous tiles (<3% and > 0.08%) and can be used with confidence in all wet process applications. Typical Applications are:

  •  Tile on Tile Application.
  •  Wet areas such as showers, bathrooms & pools.
  •  Commercial food processing zones
  •  Podium, Pavement & Roofs
  •  Hospital, Laboratories & Hotels
  •  Granite fixing for flooring limited wall application