BS FloorDense (10 Kg)


  • BS FloorDense concrete densifier is a liquid chemical hardener to be applied on top of the concrete floor after cast floor has cured for minimum 21 days.
  • It can be left as it is after application or buffed for mild sheen or even polished for higher sheen level.
  • If polishing has to be done BS FloorDense is to be used after mininum 21 days of curing the cast slab. Grinding and polishing process has to be executed to achieved the desired finish
  • It doesn’t matter if the concrete floor is polished or not, using BS FloorDense densifier is improves strength, abrasion resistance, surface hardness and service life of the treated concrete floor.
  • BS FloorDense works as a micro pore filler in the concrete structure on the top of floor slab and increases its surface density. After application BS FloorDense penetrates deeply in the concrete surface, starting a reaction in the pores and creates an insoluble material filling the micro pores in the concrete slab.
  • This process hardens the concrete surface also reducing the pitting effect.
  • BS FloorDense improves the concrete floor durability significantly as compared to untreated concrete floor.

Recommended Uses

  • After cleaning the cured concrete floor and from loose dust, using water and cleaning machine leave the floor to dry out for 7 to 8 hours
  • Apply BS FloorDense by spreading with Rubber Wipers
  • Work in the chemical when spreading it by pressing and dragging the liquid on the floor
  • Ensure that the floor is fully saturated and no more absorbing the chemical
  • Remove and excess liquid by wiper, do not let the material stagnate / pond on the floor
  • Aftre 45 to 50 minutes of treatment, wash of the surface again with water.
  • You can use electrical / wiping machine with water to do the same and clean the treated surface
  • Let the surface dry for 7-8 hours
  • The surace will gain automatic sheen and reflectance in 25-45 days