Construma International Building Trade Exhibition 2017 Budapest, Hungary

Construma 2017 Budapest, Hungary

Buildsmart Construction Chemicals marked a significant step forward in its international expansion with a well-received presence at the prestigious Construma International Building Trade Exhibition 2017 held in Budapest, Hungary (April 26-30, 2017).

The company presented its cutting-edge construction chemicals to a global audience, garnering interest from construction professionals and potential partners across Europe and beyond.

Construma provided a fantastic platform to showcase Buildsmart’s commitment to innovation and international collaboration,” said Mr. Chauhan, Chairman at Buildsmart Chemicals. “We were impressed by the level of interest in our products, particularly their suitability.

Buildsmart’s exhibition booth featured interactive displays and demonstrations of their products, along with technical experts to answer questions and discuss project-specific solutions. “The opportunity to connect with construction specialists from various European countries was invaluable,” said MR. Chauhan. “We gained valuable insights into the unique needs of the European market and look forward to exploring potential partnerships in the region.

Buildsmart’s participation at Construma 2017 strengthens the company’s position as a global leader in construction chemicals and underscores its dedication to delivering innovative solutions for the ever-evolving construction industry worldwide.

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