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Why Choose Us:

  • We have over 40 Years of expertise in construction chemicals application in the field.
  • Our team of experts provides Customised Solutions based on your requirements. We offer huge savings to our customers through customisation of the products as per client requirements for any geographic and climatic conditions, after thorough consultations. This results in a perfect product tailored for our clients’ needs without causing wastage of any resources.
  • Our project partners enjoy a smooth supply of products, as our manufacturing units have the production capacity to produce more than 13,200 US Tons of construction chemicals annually.
  • With our automated processing to avoid any human errors in manufacturing, our products have no variations and the same superior quality each and every time. We have 0% Quality Variations in products
  • Through our advanced in-house lab for testing raw materials and finished products, including the latest destruction and stress testing equipment, our products go through the most stringent QC checks.Lab results show Buildsmart waterproofing chemicals were better than the expensive and popular brands in the industry
  • Our products are so effective that we have Over 90% Customer Repeat Orders
  • On-call personalised support and quick response time for all queries.
  • We provide training to applicators, so the products are applied with 100% correct specifications
  • We have 30% faster product deliveries than the industry average. Delivery is available worldwide
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Smart Chemistry  For Construction
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