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BS MoistureZero Advance

Product Range > Waterproofing Systems > WP Coatings

BS MoistureZero Advance is a Acrylic Copolymers based Elastomeric highly crack resistant & flexible waterproofing coating

It comes is ready to use form. Just open and apply by brush or roller

  1. It is based on advanced polymers with  elastomeric technology that gives it the high flexibility to cover minor cracks.
  2. It cures to form a breathable coating and reduce any chances of blisters
  3. It cures to a drinking water safe coating.
  4. It has very good resistance to moisture ingress & crack bridging upto 3mm.
  5. Excellent adhesion to multiple substrates like concrete, plaster, wood, pre-cast & plyboad etc.
  6. Doesn’t release any toxic vapour or fumes when used.
  7. Can be left Open to Sky as it is UV resistant and doesnt degrade when left exposed

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