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BS Futura PCX 107

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BS Futura PCX 107 is an advanced next generation Superplasticizer based on Polycarboxylic Ether Polymers integrating Nano-Technology concepts for high performance concreting on sites site and concrete production plants.

It is a chloride free nontoxic and non-flammable material and compatible with all commonly available cements of various blends.

It comes as a light brown liquid and is designed to deliver high performance concrete with high range water reduction at low dosages and to achieve higher strength than normally casted concrete
  1. Use of BS Futura PCX 107 ensures that same high quality of concrete is maintained that is designed and specified from Batching Plant to Placement on Site.
  2. BS Futura PCX 107 allows ready mix units to deliver high quality concrete whenever required for the job site
  3. BS Futura PCX 107 allows for Production of very low w/c ratios that meets guidelines of high performance concrete as per EN 206-1 without any reduction in workability.
  4. Allows for faster placement and early strength development in the concrete mass
  5. Visible improvement in finish of placed concrete.
  6. Allows consistency for every batch of concrete delivered.
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