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BS Drycrete

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BS Drycrete is a chloride free integral waterproofing admixture for concrete with added plasticizing effects.

The blending of BS Drycrete in the concrete or plaster mortar contracts capillaries thus making the concrete or plastered mass dense and waterproof.

It comes as a dark brown liquid . It makes cement savings possible by 5% .  It is safe to use and doesn’t include any harmful chemicals like as chloride.

  1. BS Drycrete is a waterproofing admixture for concrete and plaster with additional plasticizing properties.
  2. Adding BS Drycrete in the concrete & plaster mortar shrinks capillaries thus making the mortar mass denser and therefore not allowing water to be easily absorbed.
  3. BS Drycrete helps in making final cured concrete or plaster waterproof and water resistant.
  4. BS Drycrete is suggested for use in production of waterproof concrete & plaster in conformance to with IS 2645.

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