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BS-17 4PB for Pre-Cast Elements

Product Range > Concrete Casting

BS 17-4PB Superplasticizer for the Precast Concrete Industry.

It comes as a dark brown liquid . It is safe to use and doesn’t include any harmful contents such as chloride.

  1. Ideal for Semi Dry Mixes.
  2. Highly Improved final finish.
  3. Provides smooth sheen on final cured product.
  4. Increases strength of cured mass.
  5. It improves dispersion and hydration of cement particles to increase compressive strengths and gives high early strength gains.
  6. BS-17 4PB will help in reduction of cost due to earlier strapping, lifting and delivery of products.
  7. Highly improved compaction to reduce honeycombing and pin holes to smooth finish.
  8. BS 17-4PB is Chloride-free.
  9. BS-17 4PB will not harm casting moulds
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