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BS Smartbond 100

Product Range > Bonding & Repairing
BS Smartbond 100 is an important product as it has varied uses in any construction project in various forms. From a bonding agent to a polymerising mortar.

It provides great value to a construction site as it is useful in various construction related activities.

It is used as a polymerizing and bonding agent that provides resilience and strengthens properties of any mortar mix, be it concrete repair mortar or making polymerised plaster or a polymerised bonding slurry.

In fact it is an essential product that should be present at every construction site.

BS Smartbond 100 is available as a milky white liquid. It has low odour and safe to handle.

Pack Size Available 20Kg, 5Kg & 1Kg

It has following uses

  1. Cold joint bonding slurry for start stop construction such as concrete water tanks that are casted in intervals.
  2. Making repair mortar for Cracks and pot holes.
  3. Making Grout for Tiles Installation.
  4. Floor Tile Adhesive Preparation.
  5. Making Hard Plaster for Squash Court.
  6. Making cove or “Golas” that do not de-bond later on.
  7. Concrete Floor repairs in industries and warehouses.
  8. As a bonding slurry for resurfacing of concrete surface.
  9. As an addition to jointing compound or Cement based putty for installation of Gypsum Board False ceiling work to prevent joint from opening.
  10. Can also be used as very economical waterproofing layer for basement walls.

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